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Park House Level 3, 187 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000

Experience Optimum Care

We take a team approach by communicating directly with your GP, physiotherapist, or other treating practitioners, as well as coach and sports trainer. Our highly trained specialists work independently to bring you prompt and superior care for your injuries. If appropriate we have swift access to some of Sydney’s finest medical specialists, physios and orthopaedic surgeons. Our highly motivated team is keen to get you back on track and performing at your peak.

Come and see us for:

  • Sports injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Work-related injuries
  • Joint pains and arthritis
  • Neck and back pain
  • Second opinions
  • Musculo-skeletal or pre-participation screenings
  • Performance improvement
  • Medical sports medicine issues such as weight loss, fatigue and exercise induced asthma.
  • Medico-Legal reports
  • Joint and soft tissue injections
  • Medical coverage for sporting events
  • Fitting and provision of off-the-shelf moulded orthotics
Come and experience the care given to athletes from such teams as:

  • Australian Olympic and Commonwealth teams
  • NSW Institute of Sport
  • Australian Socceroos
  • Wests Tigers NRL team
  • Balmain Tigers
  • Sydney Roosters
  • Australian and NSW Hockey (Kookaburras)
  • Australian and NSW Weightlifting
  • NSW softball
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants
  Park House Level 3
     187 Macquarie St
     Sydney NSW 2000
  (02) 9231 0102
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  (02) 9231 0102
  (02) 9231 0103