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Park House Level 3, 187 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2000

Sydney Sportsmed Specialists

Sydney Sportsmed Specialists are a group of specialist sport and exercise physicians and orthopaedic surgeons in Macquarie St, Sydney. Our highly experienced specialists have worked with many professional teams, national teams and the NSW Institute of Sport.

Whilst many of our patients are elite athletes, the benefits of our practice apply similarly to recreational sportspeople, school children and injured workers.

Services Offered

 Ultrasound Guided Injections
 Stem Cell Research
 PRP Injections
 Podiatry: Video Gait Analysis
 Synvisc-One Injections

Meet Our Practitioners

  Park House Level 3
     187 Macquarie St
     Sydney NSW 2000
  (02) 9231 0102
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  (02) 9231 0102
  (02) 9231 0103