The Painful Knee

Painful Knee
One of the biggest causes of presentation to the doctors is the “painful knee”. This would account for 15-20% of all consultations.

The painful knee can have many causes including; torn cartilage, torn ligaments, loose bodies, arthritis, kneecap dislocations and trauma from a direct blow. If there is no his- tory of trauma then medical causes of a painful knee must be investigated. These include gout, pseudo gout, infection, haemochromatosis and other types of arthritis that are part of a systemic disease.

Any pain that is associated with swelling should be checked out by your doctor. In the mean time simple treatments such as rest, ice compression and elevation will help decrease pain and swelling in the knee allowing for easier mobilisation.

Your doctor will probably order an x- ray to assess if there are any mechanical causes for your pain and may even order an MRI should a soft tissue cause be suspected. If pain and swelling occur without trauma, your doctor will probably need to drain your knee and examine the sample under a microscope for crystals.

Most causes of knee pain can be treated by your doctor and referral to physiotherapy. Your doctor may prescribe anti- inflammatory for a short while to help decrease pain and swelling. If you are involved in bending and squatting at work, it is advisable to be on suitable duties to avoid aggravating your knee until your doctor had a diagnosis and a treatment plan worked out.

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