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  • February 28, 2016

    World-first Australian stem cell marvel that regrows damaged cartilage could make joint surgery unnecessary

    Grant McArthur, Herald Sun

    Doctors have halted damage caused by degenerative conditions, and even reversed it, in one of the first studies to use stem cells to rebuild cartilage in humans.

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  • November 2014

    Visit by Dr Patrick Goh
    Highly respected Dr Patrick Goh from Singapore visited Dr Ibrahim today to view his work on Stem Cell therapy. Dr Goh has looked after a number of national sporting teams in Singapore and is currently a sports physician at the prestigious Camden Hospital
    Dr Patrick Goh visit
  • April 2014

    Stem Cells - The Ultimate Smart Cell
    Regeneus presented a stem cell information evening at The Kings School on February 18th 2014. This video was published on youtube in April 2014.

    The evening featured presentations from Professor Brian Ford, Associate Professor Ben Herbert and Specialist Sports and Exercise Physician Donald Kuah.
  • February 2014

    Meniscal Regeneration and Knee pain improvement with Stem Cell Injections

    A recent double blind study in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (2014) has reported subjects who received an injection of stem cells in their knees had an increase in meniscal volume when reviewed at one year.

    A total of 55 patients at seven institutions underwent knee surgery and a partial medial menisectomy. A single injection of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) was given 7-10 days after surgery. This was compared to a placebo group the received Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Patients were followed to evaluate safety, meniscus regeneration and the overall condition of the knee joint for up to 2 years.

    Results indicated that not only was there a significant decrease in pain scores in the stem cell group, but an increase in meniscal volume in the stem cell group defined as a minimum 15%.

    The results of this study suggest that MSC have the potential to improve the overall condition of the knee joint. A Higher proportion of the subjects had osteoarthritic changes and experienced a reduction in pain following treatment. This is significant as the control group were treated with HA, itself a pain killing treatment for osteoarthritis, making the result even more meaningful.

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    Dr Donald Kuah
  • 8 October 2013

    Regenerative medicine company, Regeneus (ASX: RGS) announced today important findings from the biomarker analysis of its landmark double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study of HiQCell® for knee osteoarthritis. The results demonstrate a molecular basis that explains how HiQCell may slow cartilage degradation.

    The study results show two statistically significant findings:
    - Treatment with HiQCell stabilised levels of CTX-II in urine, an important cartilage breakdown molecule that increases in patients with osteoarthritis as the disease progresses. Patients that received the placebo showed an increase in CTX-II over the course of the study whereas patients that received the HiQCell treatment showed no increase.

    - A second important biomarker of inflammation and osteoarthritis, Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) increased in the serum of the placebo group and decreased in the treatment group. MIF induces the production of enzymes that degrade cartilage and the reduction of MIF levels in the treatment group is likely to have reduced cartilage degradation via decreased enzyme levels.

    Download the full Press Article here.
  • 13 August 2013

    A new study appearing in the current issue of STEM CELLS Transitional Medicine indicates that stem cells harvested from fat (adipose) are more potent than those collected from bone marrow helping to modulate the body’s immune system.

    “This appears to support other evidence gathered which shows that not only are fat stem cells easier to harvest and less painful to the patient than bone marrow" said Dr Ibrahim. We know that adipose derived stem cells also provide 1000 times more stem cells than bone marrow optimising the regenerative process.
  • March 2013

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    Last week Drs Ibrahim and Kuah were pleased to tour the Cryosite facility in Sydney. Cryosite and Sydney Sportsmed Specialists have signed an agreement to store frozen stem cells which can then be thawed and re-injected at another time.

    The facility also stores cord blood in newborns and has the proven track record of 12 years in the storage and transport of frozen tissue. Stem cells will be stored in vast freezers capable of maintaining temperatures at minus 196 degrees centigrade.

    The storage of stem cells will commence for our patients from April 1, 2013.

    “We are quite excited by this new development” said Dr Ibrahim. “It will enable our patients to have another 2 treatments of stem cell injections without the need for liposuction and admission into hospital”.

    There will be a small added cost to the procedure for transport, storage and re-injection. But this will be far more cost effective than the original procedure for harvesting stem cells.

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  • 7 December 2012

    Today we are thrilled to announce that Doctors at Sydney Sportsmed Specialists have successfully treated their first back pain patient with Stem Cell Therapy. Dr Ameer Ibrahim today performed the first injection of mesenchymal stem cells into a patient’s back using CT guidance. In a pioneering procedure that could aid the treatment of back pain and inflammation, stem cells were injected into the small joints of the back and pelvis.
    “Using CT scan for guidance allows accurate placement of the needle and increases the likelihood of the benefits of stem cell therapy” said Dr Ibrahim.

    “We have performed stem cell injections in over 150 patients on knees, hips, elbows, ankles, wrist, fingers and now backs to treat degenerative joints. This exciting development will allow more patients access to stem cell treatments” said Dr Ibrahim

    Stem cells are harvested from fat by a mini liposuction procedure. This is performed under local anaesthetic and light sedation. After 80 minutes, stem cells are then injected into the joints or tendons with the patient leaving hospital the same morning.

    For more information call (02) 9231 0102 or email info@sportsdoc.com.au
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