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Stem Cell Injections FAQ

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  • What conditions can be treated with stem cells?
    Stem cell therapy can be used to treat Osteoarthritis of the Knee, shoulder, hip, elbows, ankle, wrist and hands. We also treat patients who are affected by seronegative arthropathies and some rheumatologic conditions. We have used stem cell treatment to treat chronic tendinopathies such as Patella, Achilles and lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow).
  • Who can benefit from stem cells?
    Some patients we treat with the Celgen treatments notice a difference at the 2 week check-up. Most patients will have an early response to stem cell treatment, followed by a secondary surge in improvement in VAS scores (pain scores) at 3-6 months. Initially the anti-inflammatory effects of the stem cells help decrease pain in the joint. The cells then embed into the joint tissue and continue to pump out cytokines (enzymes), which act as a drug factory in your joint continuing the initial pain relief.
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  • Will I grow cartilage?
    Some our patients have increased the thickness of existing cartilage in their joints in areas where the joint surface has been damaged. Grade II-III joint osteoarthritis where the cartilage has thinned over the bone appears to respond well to Celgen stem cell treatment. We have also had good response in patients with patchy grade IV osteoarthritis.
  • Why should we choose the Celgen® procedure over others?
    Celgen is a patented Stem Cell harvest procedure that has been developed in Australia after much research and clinical trials. This system has been in use since 2005 and numerous trials have been conducted on safety and efficacy before use in humans. Sydney Sportsmed Specialists have performed over 1500 joints across 600 patients.
  • Is the procedure done under a general anaesthetic?
    The Celgen stem cell treatments have been designed to be performed under Local Anaesthetic. This means no anaesthetic fees and no intubation. Patients are given a light sedative to make the procedure comfortable and can listen to music with their headphones during the procedure. The procedure takes 30-40 minutes from injecting local anaesthetic to harvesting the fat via a small liposuction procedure. Once the stem cells are processed, they are injected into your joints under ultrasound guidance.
  • Can you store my stem cells?
    We offer the option to cryopreserve, or freeze a portion of your harvested cells, to potentially increase the length of benefit from the treatment, to treat other joints with osteoarthritis, or improve the beneficial therapeutic effect. Sydney Stem Cell Centre has an arrangement to store harvested stem cells with Sydney cryopreservation centre, Cryosite, which is a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Authority) approved cryopreservation facility. It has a strong track record of successful cryopreservation techniques since its foundation in 2001.
  • Is it covered by health funds or Medicare?
    At this stage, the Celgen procedure is not covered by Medicare or by Health Funds. We are currently engaging these departments to allow a rebate for stem cell injections. Some patients have been able to claim the cost on their tax returns, but please seek independent taxation advice from your accountant.
  • Is the Stem Cell procedure performed in a hospital?
    We take great care in making sure our patients are treated at the best facilities for their stem cell procedures. We perform the procedure at East Sydney Private Hospital. The Celgen procedure is performed in theatre under sterile conditions to minimise any potential risk.
  • Do I have to stop any medication?
    We ask that you stop taking anti-inflammatories ( aspirin, Voltaren, Nurofen etc) one week prior to any procedure. Please discuss this with your doctor.
  • Can you recommend any hotels close by?
    The four star Boulevard Hotel is located 50 m from the hospital in William Street and a discount is provided for patients and their relatives who are having treatment at the hospital. Please call the hospital on (612) 9001 2000 and ask for a discount code. Alternatively, there are many accommodation options in the city CBD just minutes away.
  • Can I fly home after the procedure?
    Although it is a minor procedure and you walk out of hospital 3 hours later, we recommend that you delay your departure from Sydney until the next day.
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